We believe in providing every possible opportunity to develop the full potential of all children. All children will have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum including extra-curricular activities where appropriate and full access to the National Curriculum. We will create an environment that is engaging and responsive to each individual student at each stage of their development. We will aim to bring out the best in each and every student by exploiting their strengths and providing them with freedom of choice and responsibility. We will create a caring environment where parents/guardians, teachers and the community are actively involved and are supportive of one another. All children participate in activities compatible with the efficient education of all children and the efficient use of resources.

Whole School Objectives


•All teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs (SEN)

• Provision for a student with SEN should match the nature of their needs.

• There should be regular recording of a student’s SEN, the action taken and the outcome.

• All students should be encouraged to learn and make progress.

• A differentiated curriculum should be provided to meet all children's needs.


•Opportunities should be given to all students


Our main aims are:


•To promote the well being of pupils to ensure that all school staff are aware of individual needs so that these can be met in all school settings.

•To identify and monitor children’s individual needs from the earliest possible stage so that appropriate provision can be made and their attainment raised;

•To provide different levels of interve



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E Randall

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Acting SENCO

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