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We hope the information provided will help you understand and support you son/daughter in striving to exploit their full potential in both English and English


KS4 English

The study of English Language culminates in two examination papers.  Paper 1 section A (worth 50%) requires students to answer questions on use of a writer’ language to how a piece of text is structured.  These questions will be focused on a piece of modern writing and is followed by a creative writing task section B (worth 50%).

Paper 2 section A (worth 50%) requires students to answer questions on two pieces of text, one modern and one piece of text which is literary non-fiction and Pre 19 Century.  This is a challenging paper requiring students to summarise one of the texts, identifying similarities and differences between the two pieces of writing and then evaluating the effectiveness of a writer’s techniques.  These questions will be followed by a writing task section B (worth 50%) where students have to respond to a statement – this is a non-fiction writing task.

The second GCSE is in English Literature.  This qualification culminates in two examination papers.  Paper 1 is worth 40% of the literature GCSE and involves the study of the play Macbeth and the 19th Century novel Jekyll and Hyde.  Paper 2 is worth 60% and the literature GCSE involves the study of either Blood Brothers, or An Inspector Calls.  Thereafter, a task on comparing two poems from an anthology entitled Love and Relationships. Last, and not least, students are then required to tackle an unseen poem.

Our students begin their KS4 journey in Year 9 to enable them to recognise, access and practice the skills required for success at GCSE.  We do raise our expectations and we aim to encourage students, as far as possible, to develop a sense of responsibility for their learning.  This includes the completion of homework, which will be set regularly by their teachers on MILK – a site that you too can monitor and follow.




We have the highest expectations of ourselves and our students in our desire for excellence in order to allow the young people leaving the Academy at the end of Year 11 to have the widest choices available to better career and further education opportunities.


English Staff

KS3 English

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum is varied, innovative and creative, thus enabling us to offer challenge and support to enable all students to achieve or exceed their potential.  Our collective ethos is to inspire independence and to foster a love of learning, which we hope will continue throughout their time at the Nuneaton Academy and beyond.

We aim to provide you with fun and engaging lessons where you practise a wide variety of skills through your studies.  English is an essential part of your everyday life and you will find that English and Literacy skills learnt with us will provide you with a good foundation for life.

At Key Stage 3 we study a wide range of non-fiction and fiction texts.  You may be asked to compare language and presentational devices in newspapers and websites, alongside reading a whole class novel where you write about characters or themes.  We also encourage you to read privately and some of our homework activities focus on your personal reading book.

However, it isn’t just about reading and writing!  You will have lots of opportunities to practise your speaking and listening skills in individual and group presentations, whole class debates and informal discussions. 



Here, in English, we hope to provide you with fund and engaging lessons whilst, more importantly, helping you to achieve your full potential.

Language Department


“Languages are for life. Accept, understand and celebrate other cultures. Therefore, having the courage to challenge your linguistic ability will provide you with the ambition to succeed.”


Our aim at The Nuneaton Academy is to develop excellence in language teaching and learning. We would like our students to appreciate, understand and be able to contribute to a multicultural world.


The Language Department has high standards and high aspirations of teaching and learning, celebrating the achievements of every student.  We provide a curriculum which promotes active student learning and recognises and provides for individual differences, abilities and interests.


We aim to:

·         enable our students to use French effectively for practical communication

·         enable all students to achieve their full potential

·         enable our students to understand the structure of language and how they work

English and Languages Staff 

Director of Learning: Mark Williams 

Languages Teacher: Elizabeth Hargreaves 

English Teachers:

Megan Hoar 

Chloe Alexander

Ann Donaghy (Vice Principal)

Cerina Barnes (Assistant Principal)


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